Microsoft Plans To Launch A Wearable Device Within Weeks
Parmy Olson,

Microsoft is gearing up to launch a wearable device within the next few weeks, Forbes has learned. The gadget is a smart watch that will passively track a wearer’s heart rate and work across different mobile platforms. It will also boast a…

Watch Jony Ive and Elon Musk talk design and sci-fi transportation
Jon Fingas,

Tired of hearing little more than soundbites from tech luminaries such as Apple’s Jony Ive and Tesla’s Elon Musk? Today’s your lucky day. Vanity Fair has posted its full video interviews with both Ive and Musk, giving you an insight into ho…

Everything Apple Announced at Today’s Event
Christina Bonnington,

Today, Apple introduced new iPads, a new 5K iMac, and detailed two of its latest software offerings: OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1.The post Everything Apple Announced at Today’s Event appeared first on WIRED.


The smartest socks ever: hacking my running with Sensoria’s fitness tracker

I took Sensoria out for an late evening, 4-mile run up one of San Francisco’s famous routs, Bernal Heights. Two miles of flat street running and 400 feet of winding upward elevation on a paved trail let me see how the smart sock could handle all sorts of environments.

Immediately, my sock told me my running technique was lacking; I was still on my home block when I triggered its first warning that I was failing to properly land on the ball of my foot. After a few minutes of frustrating correction, I eventually got up high enough on my toes to quiet Mara, my lovingly-named virtual coach.

NASA video outlines plan for Orion’s first unmanned spaceflight
Sean Buckley,

After years of development and launch delays, NASA’s Orion spacecraft is almost ready for its first unmanned flight, and the space agency just outlined the capsule’s flight path. The unmanned launch will take place in December, and will ser…

"What if we could use those peak experiences to make us whole, to render us holy?"… and in Houston Smith’s immortal words: 'Might we begin then to transform our passing illuminations into abiding light?' — Jamie Wheal, FLOW GENOME PROJECT

Video #ShotsofAwe 
— by Jason Silva


Woodkid - THE GOLDEN AGE - Video Teaser

The Problem With Wearable Technology, According To “Blade Runner” Designer Syd Mead

Mead chats with us about the Apple Watch, Glassholes, and Daft Punk copying one of his designs.

If anyone can call himself a “visual futurist” with a straight face, it’s Syd Mead, the legendary concept artist behind Blade Runner, Tron, and Alien…

DreamQii’s Plexidrone for Filmmakers : Swarm control, autonomous flight and more from the brand’s latest drone
Greg Stefano,

Drones have been a hot topic recently—and rightfully so. Outside of the dialogue surrounding the legality of buzzing around New York City or National Parks, the new generation of affordable and feature-packed quad-copters are enormously powerful…