A 360-Degree Camera With No Blind Spots Lets Anyone Capture Every Angle Of A Moment
JESSICA LEBER, fastcoexist.com

Now you can have your own Google Street View-like filming device for daily life.

Imagine filming a chaotic scene, like three children let loose under the tree on Christmas morning. In the past, a parent might have awkwardly shot with a handheld…

Welcome to the Smart Highway: Cars and tech
Leon Poultney, t3.com

In the not-so distant future, you’ll be soaking up the morning’s news and gossip on the latest Apple product as the car you are travelling in glides around the city without so much as a single human i …

This Real Life Sim City Will Be A Testing Ground For New Transportation Technologies
ARIEL SCHWARTZ, fastcoexist.com

A 32-acre fake city will let automakers figure out the future of driving and commuting—without killing anyone.

In the not-so-distant future, most new cars will come with connectivity features that allow them to link up with infrastructure and…

If This Is What Spaceships Will Look Like In 100 Years, You’re Going To Want To Get In Line Now
ADELE PETERS, fastcoexist.com

If we’re going to ever settle down away from this planet, we’re going to need spaceships like these—essentially living systems that can fly through space—to help get us there and keep us alive.

Within 100 years, humans may venture beyond the…

What you need to know about commercial spaceflight
Mariella Moon, engadget.com

In May 2012, the International Space Station’s robotic claw, the Canadarm2, caught and secured the first commercial spacecraft to ever dock with the ISS: SpaceX’s Dragon capsule. The bullet-shaped vehicle flew to the ISS carrying cargo for its cre…

These high-tech gym clothes look inside your muscles to analyze your workout
By Ben Popper, theverge.com

Expensive technology long confined to the doctor’s office is making its way into affordable fitness gear

When Dhananja Jayalath and Christopher Wiebe were students at the University of Waterloo, working towards degrees in electrical engineering,…

Airlines Are Tossing Seat-Back Screens. Here Is Why That’s A Great Design Move
SHAUNACY FERRO, fastcodesign.com

They’re expensive, out-of-date, and redundant in a world where everyone’s flying with a laptop.

Grab some extra magazines, frequent flyers. The seat-back entertainment screen may be going the way of economy-class legroom. Rather than installing …

Virtual reality offers dramatic possibilities — and challenges — for the film industry
Signe Brewster, gigaom.com

The movie shoot had all the usual marks of a Hollywood production: shouts of “action!” and “cut!” and a sound guy lumbering around with a bag of equipment strapped to his front. But it had one major difference; as soon as filming started, everyone…

The bold man and the sea: James Cameron’s ‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’ review
By Carl Franzen, theverge.com

The director goes in front of the camera for a record-setting dive in this buoyant documentary

James Cameron reveres the ocean. “This is my church,” the 59-year-old filmmaker says midway through Deepsea Challenge 3D, a new documentary abo…